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How do I buy Nomago bus tickets?

How do I buy Nomago InterCity bus tickets?

We offer 4 convenient ways of buying tickets for our buses and our customer support team is always here to help you with any of them.

  1. Online

You can buy all tickets from our website. After the purchase, we’ll email you the ticket with the scannable code. You can either print the ticket or show the code in the email on your phone to the driver.

Paying for the ticket online is simple as well – you can pay using your credit card or your Paypal account.

  1. Mobile app

Our mobile app allows you to check the available routes, schedules, plan your trip, and buy your tickets. The tickets are stored in your app profile, so you can easily recall them at any time from the app and present to the driver for validation when you enter the bus.

  1. From our drivers

You can also purchase the ticket directly from the bus driver right before your journey. Take note though – this way we can’t guarantee you that a free seat (or a seat in your preferred travel class) will be available on the bus!

  1. At bus stations

Tickets for our buses are also available at the bus stations where our buses depart. You can buy them directly before the departure or in advance, depending on station policy.

  1. From our partners

You can buy tickets from the local travel agencies or other partners we work with.