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Discover Zagreb

As the capital and the largest city of Croatia, Zagreb is the political, commercial, educational, and cultural heart of Croatia. It is also a lively hub for road and rail transfers between countries in the region, connecting busy bus routes between Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana, Belgrade and, of course, the Croatian seaside. Its busy streets, filled with street performers and artists, were made for strolling, whilst numerous parks and fountains bring shade and refreshment in hot summer days. Whether you come to this city as a tourist or a business visitor, or if your stay extends for a longer time, Zagreb will captivate your heart.

Things to do


Zagreb’s countless museums reflect the history, art, and culture not only of Zagreb and Croatia, but also of Europe and the world. For those who like history, the Archaeological Museum and the Ethnographic Museum are the perfect fit, and those who want to learn more about Zagreb’s history will find the Museum of the City of Zagreb interesting. Numerous art galleries and museums, such as Modern Gallery, Arts and Crafts Museum, Mimara Museum, and many more, offer escape to artistic souls. But for those who value sentimentality above all will enjoy the Museum of Broken Relationships: its rich stories surrounding seemingly worthless objects might make you laugh or cry, or perhaps both, but they are sure to make you appreciate the people in your life a bit more.


Zagreb is the home of year-round festivities. Regardless of the time of the year, something is always happening. If you come to Zagreb in winter, numerous Advent happenings will captivate all of your senses – from food stands on every corner and good music bumping the speakers on the city squares, to twinkling Christmas lights hung everywhere. Even if you miss the chance to be in Zagreb in Advent, do not fear boredom, for many musical festivals are sure to attract your attention.

For science-fiction and fantasy enthusiasts, Sferakon and InfoGamer are a heaven on Earth. The events last around three days, and they host various lectures on popular franchise, along with table top games and LARPs (Live Action Role Playing games).

Performing arts

If you like theatre and classical music, the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall might be a good fit for you. In case you’re looking for a stage play that is suitable to children, make sure to check out smaller theatres like the Puppet Theatre. If you’re a film enthusiast, coming to Zagreb on an even numbered year will give you the chance to visit the World Festival of Animated Films, Animafest.

Religious landmarks

As the regional religious centre, Zagreb hides many religious monuments. If you’re a Catholic, or are simply interested in Catholic history, The Zagreb Cathedral is a good place to start your journey. Its beautiful gothic interior and exterior captivate anyone who dares to look up. The tiles of roof of St Mark’s Church are laid so that they represent the coat of arms of Zagreb and Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia, whilst the architecture of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus takes the breath away.


Take a stroll through the zoo and enjoy the sounds of nature that many animals, such as lemurs, bees and fish, make in habitats as close to their natural ones as possible. Take in the sight of predators living peacefully near their prey and bask in the beauty of rare and endangered flora.

If you prefer flora over fauna, the Botanical Garden of Zagreb is where you should go. Take a sketch book or a painting easel and set it up in the garden as the variety of flowers and herbs gently moves in the breeze or sit down on a bench and enjoy the mesmerizing scents.

Top places to eat

Zagreb’s restaurants offer not only national food such as štrukli and kremšnite, but they also offer international dishes. If you want to eat as the locals do, try ćevapi or sarma in Pri zvoncu, , but if you’re more interested in fine dining, then Dubravkin put is the right place for you.

Top places to sleep

Zagreb offers an assortment of different accommodation, such as beautiful hotels, family guesthouses, and campsites – it’s a city tailored to the needs of everybody.


Main Square Hostel is located in the centre of Zagreb, just 20 m from Ban Jelačić Square. The modern-style hostel offers beds in dormitory and en-suite rooms with free Wi-Fi access and a shared lounge.

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B & B

Located in Zagreb, 100 m from Cvjetni Square, B&B Cool Centre Zagreb provides rooms with air conditioning. Ideally set in the Donji Grad district, this bed and breakfast is set a 2-minute walk from the Archaeological Museum and a 3-minute walk from the Ban Jelačić Square.

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Located in the very heart of Zagreb, Hotel Dubrovnik is set on Zagreb’s Main Square and has a tradition dating back to 1929. It offers renovated rooms and suites with classical décor and modern amenities. State-of-the-art IPTV system, business centre, gym, bar, restaurant and free Wi-Fi are available.

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Getting around

On your arrival, you will have no issues getting to your hotel or apartment. The central bus station, Autobusni Kolodvor Zagreb, is supported by taxi stations and solid public transportation. If you don’t want to get stuck in traffic, your best option is the tram – map and basic tram information is easy to understand.

Zagreb is made for strolls, but it is also a city with enjoyable bike rides. You can rent a bike for the day if you want to be faster and still go where pedestrians go, or you can climb on a trolley and let it take you around.

Single one-zone tickets cost from 4 to 6 kn, depending on where you buy them. You can also get a 24-hour ticket, 3-day ticket, 7-day ticket, 15-day ticket, and a 30-day ticket.

Bus routes from and to Zagreb

Routes Stops
Budapest to Zagreb Budapest – GP Goričan (border crossing) – Zagreb
Bratislava to Zagreb Bratislava – Gyor – Budapest – GP Goričan (border crossing) – Zagreb
Munich to Zagreb Munchen – Linz – Vienna – Vienna APT – Bratislava – Gyor – Budapest – GP Goričan (border crossing) – Zagreb
Zagreb to Budapest Zagreb – GP Goričan (border crossing) – Budapest
Zagreb to Bratislava Zagreb – GP Goričan (border crossing) – Budapest– Gyor – Bratislava
Zagreb to Munich Zagreb – GP Goričan (border crossing) – Budapest– Gyor – Bratislava – Vienna APT – Vienna – Linz – Munchen