Venice (VCE) Airport and transfers

Discover Venice (VCE) Airport and transfers

Venice Airport is the 3rd largest airport in Italy, serving flights to over 120 destinations. It attracts close to 2.5 million fliers from the broader region, including Slovenia.

Bus Routes to Venice Airport

Routes Journey Time
Ljubljana to Venice VCE 3 hours 04 minutes
Treviso airport to Venice VCE 35 minutes

Flight delay at Venice airport?

Flights can be delayed or changed, and there’s often nothing you can do about your subsequent transfer. Our call center is always available at +386 1 431 7777 to help you find your way home or to your hotel.

If you’re stuck at the airport waiting for an outbound flight, check out their terminal map, where you can find the nearest café, shop, or airline ticket office to help you find your bearings.

At the airport


Venice Airport has a handful of cafes where you can grab a drink, snack, and most importantly, a chair, when waiting for your flight.

You can find some merchandise and a duty-free shop as well, but don’t expect the facilities usually afforded by the large airports around the world. If you usually grab a gift for your loved ones at the last minute, you’ll wish you remembered to do so earlier on your trip.


European airport security might not be as stringent as in the US, but remember, Venice is a major international airport, and you should expect lengthy security protocol queues when a few flights overlap. Don’t let yourself be deceived by the small building (as far as airports go), arriving just before the flight boards will likely lead you to miss your plane.

Airlines have their own baggage rules, but remember, some rules are universal. Don’t try to bring liquids or sharp objects onto the plane, it’ll only lead you to lose your beverage, get stalled in the queue, or in the worst case, have to explain yourself to busy security checkpoint staff.

When to arrive

For any international flight departing from Venice Airport, make sure to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight for check-in. If your airline allows you to check in online, that might save you time in the queue, but you’re better off arriving early and having a cup of Italian coffee than rushing through the airport trying to chase down a closing gate.

Key contact details

Baggage general information: +39 041 2609222

Baggage general information: +39 041 2609222

Business center: +39 041 2698191

Police (Carabinieri): +39 041 2605770

Flights information desk: +39 041 2609260

Parking: +39 041 2603060

More contacts

Frequently asked questions

Can I buy my ticket to Venice Airport from the Nomago InterCity driver?

It is possible, but be advised, the transfer bus may arrive full. We strongly recommend you purchase your tickets well in advance to reserve your seats. You can also download the Nomago mobile app and purchase your tickets there, so that you avoid printing and carrying physical tickets (just be sure to have some power left in your phone as you’re ready to board).

What happens if my flight is canceled after I already purchased transfer tickets?

Your airline or travel insurance may reimburse your transfer ticket costs.

I’m heading to the airport to catch a flight. Which transfer should I take?

You should always aim to take a bus which will arrive at the airport no less than 3 hours before your flight. The highways passing Venice Airport are busy with traffic and often a minor traffic accident can cause a 1-hour road delay. That still leaves you with the mandatory 2 hours before your flight.

I have a different question or problem with my transfer.

Feel free to contact our call center at +386 1 431 7777 and we’ll do all we can to answer or help out.