How to be a tourist in your hometown

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Publication date28.01.2020

Well, no matter how touristy your hometown is, it is always very challenging if you want to explore your own place as a tourist. In some very touristy places, it is much easier to go with a flow and act as a tourist than to be an ordinary local.

When you are a tourist, everybody is much nicer to you or at least they want to look as nice as possible. 😉

When you travel as a tourist, no matter if it is a short city break or a long vacation far away from home, you want to explore as much as you can. Many people visit museums, galleries and theaters whenever they travel, but at the same time, they have never visited museums or galleries in their own town. You must wonder why?! Maybe because almost everybody takes his own town for granted or people just think there is always time to see it, it is just a step away. Here are some suggestions how to act as a tourist in your own town:

Get Tourist INFO

Grab the Tourist newsletter at the local tourist office and learn some interesting facts about your hometown. You will be surprised how many amazing information you have never heard about. You can also read about the upcoming cultural or sport events and get inspired with ideas how to spend your free time.

Hotel Lobby

Go to some popular hotel and enjoy at the lobby bar or restaurants. Could you imagine more touristy ambiance than hotel’s lobby?! You will be surrounded by tourists from all around the world that will make you experience hospitality of your own town.

Visit Museums, Galleries or other cultural sites

Is there any museum, gallery or cultural site in your own town that you have not visited yet?! Take your time and visit some of these places. Sooner or later, you will realize that cultural spots are not reserved for tourists only. Date at museum? Why not? That is a perfect way to learn and grow together with your partner.

Do not forget to talk to museum staff and ask questions tourist would ask. You will definitely get surprised how many interesting facts you do not know about your own hometown. The benefits of being a tourist in your own town are numerous. It is all about fun, fun and more fun!

Touristy restaurants

Sit in some very touristy restaurant, ask about local gastronomy. You will get surprised how many interesting gastro stories have been undiscovered to you. Get curious and talk to waiter in English or any other language that is not spoken as an official language in your country. Well, if you will be to boring, maybe they will comment you in local language and you will understand every single word of it.

Take a taxi drive

If you usually don´t use taxi services in your town, this can be a true adventure. No matter where you travel, some taxi drivers take advantage of the tourists and they choose the longer route than needed. Let them do it and, at the end of the drive, explain that you are a local.

Photos, photos! Charge up your camera!

Take photos of your own place. The best way to keep moments forever is to turn them into the photos. Sometimes all you need is to wander around and take some magnificent photos.

Shop local. Support dreams.

Go, visit some of the stores with locally made products. There are many places where you can find an amazing local product. Talk to the staff and ask about the story behind each product. You have to know that behind every local product stand face, soul and very unique creativity. Whenever you buy at small local business, you actually support somebody´s dream. Keep buying local and supporting locals who offer their creativity and vision to you.

Well, here are just some of the ideas how to explore your own place as a tourist. No matter what suggestions you accept, it is sure that there a million other ways to be a tourist in your town. It can be fun, educational and useful. You will fall in love with your town in so many different ways. That changed perspective will give you an opportunity to experience your town in much interactive and more interesting way.

Publication date22.07.2019