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Publication date28.01.2020

People who have never travelled solo would ask themselves why somebody should start travelling alone and what are the true advantages of that way of travelling. There are different kind of answers on that question, but they have something in common-FREEDOM. It is all about freedom!

It is hard to explain it to somebody who has never experienced solo travelling, but there is nothing so cool like discovering a brand-new place on your own. No restrictions, no discussions what to do and what to skip. You just follow your inner voice and go for the experiences you want to make, for feelings you want to have. Could you imagine more freedom?

No compromises!

It can sound selfish, but it should not be defined like that. Even if it is, you are on your own trip and it is completely ok to be self-oriented.

Yes, compromises are the integral part of our lives and every relationship. Whenever you are part of a partnership, a friendship or a family, you have to think about the feelings of others and there is something magical about that, but sometimes you need to think just on yourself. When you travel, you have to think about the interests of your travel companions. But if you travel solo, on your own, completely alone, you can be fully focused on your own needs and travel preferences. If you love museums, go and enjoy them without thinking of your travel companion who would rather go for a shopping.

New people all around

When you travel with others, you usually stick together and that is the trap. You feel as a member of the group and have some kind of responsibility for others and their needs. Every time when you travel alone, you will be more open to new friends. You will get an opportunity to chat with locals and on every of your solo wanderings you will meet some incredible people.

Reading. Painting. Writing. Whatever!

All of us have some hobbies that can be fully enjoyed only if we are completely alone. Imagine a day: you wake up, your room is perfectly quiet, you feel the earliest sun at your window, but you are too lazy to go and explore the city. No need to explain yourself to anybody. Take the book and read, plain paper and write. Or just enjoy in being lazy. What a freedom and joy in doing nothing or how Italians love to say: Dolce far niente. That is an art!

Solo does not mean lonely

You can travel solo for months and never feel loneliness. At the other hand, you can be surrounded by so many travel companions and feel so lonely. It is not about the number of people surrounding you, it is about how you feel.

You soak the juices of new places; you meet new people and what is the most important-you learn more about yourself. New circumstances, new cultures, new people. They can completely change your perspective and give you an amazing opportunity to reconnect with yourself. That is actually the best benefit of travelling alone. Go, try it and you will never be the same again.

Language and new skills

When you travel solo, you are somehow pushed to communicate with others in foreign language. Practice makes perfect and that is why you will improve your language skills.

The responsibility for mistakes is all yours

If you sleep over the train in the morning, the responsibility will be fully yours. There is nobody to be blamed and that is good. If you have not learned to do it before, travelling solo will teach you how to take responsibility for your failures.

Become more spontaneous!

Be like a water, go with a flow. Sometimes all we need is to be as spontaneous as possible. No fears. World outside your comfort zone is not as dangerous and scary as it seems in global media. Wherever you will go, you will meet warm people who are willing to share the beauty of their country and town with you. Feel free to capture as much as you can.

There are many other advantages and benefits of solo travelling, but if you want to learn about them, the best way is to start travelling alone. Try to go alone somewhere at least once a year. Go and feel how amazing it can be when you are focused just on what makes your inner wanderlust satisfied.

Publication date22.07.2019
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