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Uprising Festival Bratislava

Discover Uprising Festival Bratislava

Music festivals are what truly marks summer – wonderful music made by amazing artists can be heard everywhere around the world. People gather around on these festivals to have fun, celebrate being alive, and just enjoy themselves as much as they can.

If you love dancehall and reggae, visit the Uprising Festival in Bratislava this year!

Uprising Festival is one of Europe’s biggest music festivals: enjoy the fusion of laid-back spirit, major players of the reggae community, and, of course, classic Jamaican food. It is truly a festival for all who want to just chill out and enjoy the good music.

When and where will it be held?

It will be held in August 2020 at the lakeside summer resort of Zlaté Piesky. Along with the chill reggae music and good food, you will be able to enjoy authentic street art, yoga classes, and many workshops that were made for all of reggae fanatics.

What exactly is Zlaté Piesky and how do I get there?

Zlaté Piesky is a lake and summer resort in north-eastern Bratislava, Slovakia. You can reach it in several different ways.

You can first reach Bratislava with a bus, train, or car. If you’re coming to Bratislava with a train, make sure to exit the train at the main train station (Hlavná stanica).

If you want to reach it with a bus or a tram, you can go to tram number 4. If you’re going to the festival directly from the main train station, buses no. 61 and 74, and trolleybus no. 201 will take you to Trnavské mýto, from which you can take bus no. 53 to Zlaté Piesky. Bus no. 59 will take you from the Petržalka Train Station to Rybničná, from which you can take bus no. 65 to Zlaté Piesky, and in case you just got off at the Bus Station Mlynské nivy, you can take the bus no. 78 to Bajkalská, and then take the bus no.53 to Zlaté Piesky.

There is also a night bus coming from Zlaté Piesky, bus no. N53, and it goes at 23:36, 00:06, 01:06, 02:06, 03:06, and 04:06.

If you have to reach the main station during the night, additional tram service is here. The tram goes at 03:00, 03:30, 04:00, 04:30, and 05:00.

Will there be any accommodation on the lake itself?

Yes, there will! But you have to reserve it in advance, of course.

You will be able to pick one of four accommodation choices, depending on which one suits you the best.

If you want to be as close to the lake and festival area as you can and if you like camping, Uprising Beach Camp is here for you. It offers you toilets and showers, close distance to the festival area, and regular cleaning of the entire camp, all for 17€ per person. The area is fenced and watched by security, and the gates will be opened on Friday 23rd August at 8am.

If you’d like to save a few euros but still want to be close to the festival itself, you can stay at the Uprising Side Camp. This camp is located on the grassy spot next to the Tesco shop and Porsche showroom, and offers basic facilities such as toilets. The showers are close to the Beach Camp, and just like the Beach Camp, it is fenced and watched by security, and is also cleaned on a regular basis.

If you want to avoid carrying around extra luggage and don’t want to build your own tent, Hotel Tent Inn is a perfect fit for you. There will be two-person tents with two camping mats in a secured area, and you can borrow two blankets in reception for a small fee. Moreover, you can even ask the receptionist to wake you up for your favourite show! The prices start at 39€ (1 tent / 2 persons / 2 nights).

There will also be camping run by a private company Intercamp s.r.o. You can find more information on this camping site at their website

Who will be performing?

Reggae groups from all over the world will come and perform, and this year will also feature several amazing female artists, such as Ms. Lauryn Hill and Nneka.

Here is the full line-up:

  • Lauryn Hill
  • Chase & Status [DJ set] & Rage
  • Jo Mersa Marley
  • Elephant Man
  • Nneka
  • Dub Inc.
  • Horace Andy & Dub Asante Band
  • Naturally 7
  • Smiff ‘n’ Wessun & Champion Sound
  • Hollie Cook
  • Mal Élevé
  • Linval Thompson & Trinity backed by Irie Ites
  • Serial Killaz
  • Symbiz
  • Ilbilly Hitec
  • Part2Style
  • Parly B
  • Murray Man
  • Alpha Steppa ft. Nai-Jah
  • Linval Thompson & Trinity backed by Irie Ites
  • Strapo
  • Grouch in Dub
  • United Flavour
  • Gleb
  • Rida Radar
  • Prago Union
  • Opak
  • Messenjah & Homebwoyrasta

Pack your bags and get ready to chill out and have fun in Bratislava this August!